Customer Comments





"I bought an English Pointer from you guys in February of 08  "Alabama Alley" and have been training her since. She had her first solo hunt this Saturday and she was dynamite solid points, strong nose and ranged real close she got up 6 pheasants, 4 raised and 2 wild. She is an extremely good house house dog and well mannered and a beautiful dog that everyone comments on. I just want to say how happy I am with her! Thank you guys."- Stephen, California




"Chick is doing great!  We go out to the field once a week or so.  So far, she is a natural.  She stays to the front and comes running when I call without hesitation.  She has a nice high happy tail, and she is just a great looking pup with a beautiful head, great markings, and good strong straight legs.  AND she is very intelligent.  We are very happy with her! . . . She points anything that flies, butterflies, flies, bees, pigeons.  I can look out in the kennel and see her pointing something.  I don't know what, but she stands until it moves.  She's very pretty on point, very classy. . . . At this point, in her limited training, she is displaying that she is stylish on point, very birdie, and a natural retriever!" - Allen & Lena, Virginia

Why didn't you tell me this darn dog was going to be so good!  I was skeptical for years of owning a pointer because of all the stories I had heard about how hard-headed they were, but your pointers handle like a dream and are determined to please you.  They are very natural and have an intense desire to retrieve. - Dan, Michigan

"Just to let you know "SilverHawk Hank," our pointer pup we received from you in March is doing great. . . he has a great nose, it is always going. . . Hank has been across to the upper part of Michigan and on our family farm hunting grouse and woodcocks and they did limit out each time." - Kathleen, Michigan

"The pup did real good . . . She is very alert and active and shows that you do a great job with your pups." - Bud, Tennessee


106 quail killed on a hunting trip in Mexico with TwinCedars Elhew "Tia" and "Tila"

"Allow me to tell you that the puppies that we bought from you in February are already showing very well on wild quail.  They have excellent noses and are very intelligent in their search . . . That is correct, 106 birds.  The female pup you sent me, now two years old, pointed so many coveys that we cannot believe it.  Pictured are the results." - Juan Carlos & Inigo, Mexico



"Bob-Whites last weekend. Elhew pointers for quail are definitely THE WAY TO GO!!!" - Inigo, Mexico


"Do you have a female puppy left from the litter on the web page?  I bought a male out of the same breeding from you last year and he has made a nice first year dog." - Guy, Arkansas