Pointer Males


Twincedar Chaparral Buck



Texas Elhew Chaparral Elhew Chaparral Elhew Mr McGoo CH Elhew Strike
Elhew Kiwi
Elhew Ecstasy Elhew Real McCoy
Elhew Jubilee
Hackberry Numark Piper CH Elhew Explorer R U CH Elhew Discovery
Elhew Kelly
Numark Elhew Cher Elhew Distinction
Numark Elhew Sue
Pinehill Elhew Damascus Jan Elhew Damascus Elhew Mr McGoo CH Elhew Strike
Elhew Kiwi
Elhew Jubilee CH Elhew Strike
Elhew Mayfly
Windy Hill Red Eyes CH Elhew Fibber McGee NAT CH Elhew Snakefoot (HOF)
Deep Creek Kate
Guard Rail Aggravation CH Guard Rail
Frontline Flodella



Reference Dogs:

Twincedar Fibber’s Elhew Gil

Gil is an impressive young dog with a pedigree to match!  Not only is he sired by the outstanding CH. Elhew Fibber McGee, his pedigree includes the top three male Elhew producers of all time:  #1 CH. Elhew Strike, #2 CH. Elhew Fibber McGee, and #3 Elhew Damascus.  His pedigree also includes such blue hens as Hanna’s Elhew Lou and Deep Creek Kate.  National Champions and Hall of Fame dogs also constitute a significant amount of Gil’s pedigree.




NAT. CH Elhew Snakefoot   (HOF) CH Elhew Strike CH Hook’s Bounty Hunter
Elhew Gimili
Elhew Yellow Rail Elhew Brass
Elhew Raindrop
Deep Creek Kate NAT. CH Dunn’s Fearless Bud   (HOF) Canaan
LH Cotton
Elhew Molly NAT. CH Elhew Snakefoot   (HOF)
Elhew Gypsy Lee
Unique Elhew Pepper Shotgun Starbuck(Littermate to Elhew Sunflower & Elhew Texas Snake Eye) NAT. CH Elhew Snakefoot   (HOF) CH Elhew Strike
Elhew Yellow Rail
Hanna’s Elhew Lou Baize’s Elhew Knickabee
TK’s Roxana
Miss Elhew Hannah Elhew Phantom Elhew Mr. McGoo
 Elhew Bounty Blaze
Pinehill Elhew Spirit Elhew Damascus
Elhew Striking Kiwi


Rainey’s Showtime Rex

Rex is a VERY nice dog.  He was the winner of the Ames Amateur Derby in 2010.  He has incredible style and confirmation, as you can see from the photo.  He has amazing natural abilities and an impeccable pedigree of proven dogs.  Rex is owned by Fred Gaines in Booneville, MS.




Dan Rainey Elhew Damascus Elhew Mr McGoo CH Elhew Strike
Elhew Kiwi
Elhew Jubilee CH Elhew Strike
Elhew Mayfly
Pinehill Fearless CH Whippoorwill Razor CH Dunn’s Fearless Bud
WW Tiny
Just for Kicks HOF NC Brush Country Spectre
Barshoe Bug
Hood’s Ozark Jill Hood’s Ozark Maxcy Wahoo’s Trouble Maxcy CH Wahoo’s Trouble Doc
Streak of Lean
Pinehill Doc’s Jill Big Delivery
Pinehill Elhew Christi
Hood’s Ozark Kate Lee’s Heartbeat Cliff’s Elhew Buzz
Sweetgum Elhew Wehle
Hood’s Ozark Cricket Copper Nickel
Hood’s Belle


Maxwell’s Silver Jedd

Jedd is a very impressive young dog that we have decided to include in our breeding program.  Jedd is very stylish, is a great wild bird dog, has great natural bird sense and ability, and is the ultimate in conformation.  Jedd is white and liver and looks as good as he hunts.





Meadows Silver Patch Rails Black Buck Kavanaugh’s Black Proud Presson Smart Rail
Exciting Miss Rifle
Three G’s Emma Vern My Man
Meadows Silver Belle Cane Creek Rocky CH Miller’s Silver Bullett
House’s Lady Lick
Maxwell’s Dixie Darling CH Miller’s Rising Star
Chief’s Babe
Meadows Seahew Paige CH Railway Willie CH Railway Joseph RU CH Rail Dancer
Railway Ginny
Brewster’s Rebel Sally CH Whippoorwill’s Rebel
Chief’s Annie
Sea Elhew Gabby Elhew Sea Wolf CH Elhew Strike
Elhew Kiwi
Elhew Gabby CH Elhew Snakefoot
CH Elhew Dancing Gypsy

Twincedar Damascus Rex

Rex is a direct son of Elhew Damascus with the other side of the pedigree going back three times to Red Water Rex.  Rex has great class and style and is very intense on game.  Rex is a natural retriever and loves every minute of it.  Rex has turned out to be a very intense hunter with lots of style and stamina.  Rex is very good at running to the front and being tuned in to the hunter’s location.


ELHEW DAMASCUS Elhew Mr. McGoo CH Elhew Strike CH Hook’s Bounty Hunter
Elhew Gimili
Elhew Kiwi CH Guard Rail
Elhew Roundabout
Elhew Jubilee CH Elhew Strike CH Hook’s Bounty Hunter
Elhew Gimili
Elhew Mayfly Elhew Huckatuck
Elhew Italy
Pinehill Red Water RU CH Triplecross Bo Bill’s Triplecross Hoss Bill’s Double Cross
CH Tiger Eye
Slim’s Sophie Bill’s Double Cross
Roll’n Rails Sophia
Phantom’s Iron Girl CH Wippoorwills Razor CH Dunn’s Fearless Bud
 WW Tiny
Iron Woman Cole’s Browntown Express
Neauva Bandit

*All Stud Fees are $500